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online ordering software for restaurants

Contactless Dine-In

EatCube’s Dining Kit comes with a QR code scanner that you can place at the dining tables and the reception for ordering and payments.

  • Maintain the social distancing criteria by replacing the frequently touched menu cards, credit cards or currency notes.
  • Easy to handle and easy to operate requiring no specialized training.
  • QR codes and convenient for as many orders required to be placed.
  • Easy for guests to use, replaces the physical menu with safety and efficiency.
online ordering software for restaurants

Mobile App/QR scan

QR scanning isn’t limited to a dine-in experience alone. The EatCube app allows contactless food ordering and delivery.

  • Smooth ordering with QR code or URL.
  • Provide necessary additional information like choice of ingredient, specific delivery timings, etc.
  • Easy accessibility to menu on personal devices.
online ordering software for restaurants

Contactless Payment System

EatCube’s contactless payment system removes the need for use of credit card, cash, and papers. Ensure the safety of your employees and of your customers together.

  • Payment with our QR code makes the process easier and faster
  • Replace the system of handling credit cards, pens or paper receipts for a safer and secure dining and transaction.
  • Simplifies other day-to-day transactions involving human interaction creating a safer environment for staff and customers thus reducing it.
online ordering software for restaurants

Contactless Temperature Check

With EatCube’s temperature checking device, you can ensure the good health of your employees and the customers at any given time.

  • Easy monitoring and filtering at the entrance.
  • Maintain a Healthy environment inside the restaurant dining area and the staff area.
  • Gain Customer trust and confidence.

What we deliver

Restaurant Management Software, digital menu for restaurants

Website Ordering

EatCube provides you with a website and mobile app, aligned with your restaurant services, optimised for efficiency and to grow your customer base...

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online food ordering app for restaurants, restaurant mobile app

Branded Mobiles App

Ordering online is now just a click away. The Android and iOS apps allow customers to place orders conveniently.

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table booking app, table reservation app for restaurant

Table Booking

Our Table Booking feature allows customers to check for available tables and reserve in advance.

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restaurant online ordering system, restaurant ordering software

Order Receiving

Never miss an order. Our full-proof system allows you to keep a track of all orders and boost your sales.…

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Marketing & Promotion for Restaurant

Promotion & Marketing

Marketing and promotional materials to help you propagate your business online and offline…

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Restaurant Management System Software

Restaurant Dashboard

EatCubes comes with an efficient order email notification system and easy-to-use dashboard for orders....

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