Contactless Dining Solutions - All that scans!

This era is probably an experience in its own way. In many ways our lives have been difficult but on a definite note, the pandemic has opened up our brains to many new avenues to look at. Starting from the basics to luxury, everything has come rounding up into our system and could be managed and controlled through a click. Well, we can call ourselves a new generation phoenix.

With economies slowly picking up the bits and accelerating, tech companies are coming up with remote solutions to be integrated with conventional methods for the safety enhancements and hygiene measures to help the business stand up and rise again. Restaurants have been the most happening place and in happier times have seen fun, frolic, laugh and giggles. Silent dine-ins/restaurants gives an eerie feeling and minds of the customers reminiscing the happier times. For the sake of old times, restaurant owners are looking for alternatives to bring those happy moments back yet be safe and socially distanced.

Contactless Dining Solution is the new found measure as the process integrates the whole system of giving and receiving orders, payments and feedbacks into a QR code making the management easy still keeping an eye on the hygiene and safety factor.

This Dining solution gives a restaurant wings to fly in the following way
  • Contactless menu – A QR code on the table is available to scan, for the customers to explore the restaurant menu with cuisines and sides recommendations.
  • Contactless ordering – Ordering through the app reduces your waiting time, human interaction and modifies an order feasibly.
  • Contactless payment – When you are done, the QR code helps you to clear your check and leave the premises safely. This also clears a table on time and ultimately reduces waiting time at the lobby.

Contactless system is a system to eliminate the use of high-touch elements at restaurants and the tech enabled dining service giving your customers the safety ambiance and an air of less risk. This diminishes the menu card needs, physical bills and any unsanitized touch area which could potentially be a concern. A simple scan can take all the worries out. A person can order and modify his order with just a click. Then after, the bill can be paid easily without even waiting for the check and Minimizing their waiting time and reducing the use of paper bills. A much awaited solution, contactless dining solution is the right movement in the right direction for the restaurant industries providing a safe and hassle free dining experience for the customers and also simultaneously helping the economies to regenerate and revive.

Contactless Solutions is a rising sun in this pandemic, bringing the freshness of light and energy source for the restaurant owners to breathe a sigh of relief and open doors to their customers with the new normal of safety and hygiene methods and experience.