Is Contactless dining the new normal

The year 2020 seems to have gone upside down with the pandemic decided to stay over. Daily lives have been disrupted to an extent where coming back to previous normal is far to be seen. Our day-to-day interactions with public or public spaces, retail stores or even with one another has made us suspicious in our minds in relation to safety and hygiene, wanting us to reestablish the lost connection yet maintaining the safety and hygiene protocol.

Anticipating the food industry to be hit drastically, specifically the dining out, as recent survey has shown people are opting for take aways and online deliveries over dine-in. Strategically speaking, the diners are putting the safety measures at top priority while choosing a restaurant for dine-in. Well, it would not be incorrect at all to say if the challenge is huge, so will be the impact too. The situation today demands safety to be at priority and ignoring that will be unacceptable towards oneself and the community as a whole.

In recent times, eating out has always been a moment and looked forward to by young and the old. Keeping the moment intact in the post covid era is quite a challenge but not impossible. With the world around us going contactless, the restaurants are also opting to bring back the old normal and replace it with the new one. Therefore, restaurants around the globe are proactively taking all necessary steps to ensure utmost safety and socially distanced ambiance.

While the government prepares slowly to lift the current restrictions in order to revive the economy strategically and methodically, industries and businesses are looking for initiatives that could help them revive and bounce back faster. Going contactless is the need of the hour and restaurants through all means are making it the priority and a part of their branding process. Contactless temperature check to keep a track of the health factor to Minimize the risk, contactless dining kit with QR code to take and give orders, QR code payment system and mobile scans to reduce the human interactions at all possible levels.

Contactless Dining gives a safer experience to the customers and diminishes the paranoia that comes attached with the thought of going out and still being safe. Getting a panoramic view of the pandemic situation, diminished human touch is the new way to stay connected. EatCube bringing in the contactless dining solution is a newer and safer way of welcoming this new normal, to fight the unseen new age challenges with new solutions.