Convenience for Customers. Convenience for you. Efficient online ordering system with mobiles apps and QR codes for payments.

Online Ordering

With zero commission and zero development fee EatCube persistently fills the gap with an economical solution retaining the image and the brand value of your restaurant. We provides a customized ordering channel to meet to your needs. for Streamline all your orders efficiently.

  • Our branded mobile app can provide your customers with the convenience of ordering with just a few clicks.
  • Table Booking feature allows you to handle customers at the restaurant with prior planning. and thus ensuring the adherence to the social distancing protocol.
  • A full-proof system developed to take orders and manage them uniformly and efficiently.
  • Marketing tools with push notification systems to aid your aggressive marketing strategy.
  • Dashboard troubleshooting for when there are adversities with mobile and website ordering.
  • Changing the trend with new and modern techniques of dine-in and ordering food online.
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