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Order Receiving

Restaurant sales is directly linked with the number of orders they receive, so we created a fool proof system where you never miss an order with our wide choices of receiving an order.

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Wi-Fi/GSM Printer

With Eatcube order receiving printer whenever your customer places an order, it automatically prints the orders and waits for your order approval with which you can also intimate your customers the time by which the food will be ready.

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Order Receiving App

Eatcube Order Receiving App gives you a flexibility of responding to orders from anywhere you are with a tap on your mobile phone. Good thing about our App is, its absolutely free and available on both Google Play Store and App Store.

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Email and Dashboard

Problem with your Phone or Printer, Worry Not! We got you covered with 2 more choices to receive orders via Email Notifications or Dashboard for orders on the control panel

online ordering

Mobile Ordering App

Never more than a tap away

The power to order from anywhere, at your customer fingertips! With 24/7access means just that. With our Online ordering app you can order the food, without having to call restaurant and waiting for the call to be answered.

mobile ordering app

Built for your Business

Our apps can be customised to meet your brand standards.

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Cross-Platform Control Panel

The changes you make will be applied to both your website and app simultaneously.

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Your Menu at fingertips.

Give your customers the choice to order whenever they feel like it, from wherever they are.