online ordering

Promotions & Marketing

We understand in a current competitive market, restaurants would need to keep up their sales with regular marketing and this shouldn’t cost them fortune. So, we are offering a free marketing tool to send push notifications to your users about your offers and you can create coupon codes and promote your restaurant in your own way.

online ordering

Mobile Ordering App

Never more than a tap away

The power to order from anywhere, at your customer fingertips! With 24/7access means just that. With our Online ordering app you can order the food, without having to call restaurant and waiting for the call to be answered.

mobile ordering app

Built for your Business

Our apps can be customised to meet your brand standards.

facebook ordering

Cross-Platform Control Panel

The changes you make will be applied to both your website and app simultaneously.

0% commission

Your Menu at fingertips.

Give your customers the choice to order whenever they feel like it, from wherever they are.